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Chi Kung courses:


The instructors of our school teach many kind of courses everywhere in Hungary and even abroad. The only criteria to contact sifu Zoltán Tóth and sort out the details.


The material of the Chi Kung courses can be covered in 2 or 4 days.



Chi Kung courses:


  • Ten Animal Chi Kung (2 days)
  • The 8 Brocades Chi Kung (2 days)
  • Lion Chi Kung (1 days)
  • Wu Chi Kung (1 days)
  • Tree Chi Kung (2 days)
  • Joint Chi Kung (2 days)
  • Five Animals Chi Kung (2 days)
  • Wu Tai Chi Wai Tan Chi Kung + Nei dan Chi Kung (2x2 days)


Ten Animals Chi Kung:

This Chi Kung copy the movements and stance of the ten animals (elephant, snake, crane, panther, mantis, tiger, deer, monkey, dragon and bear). It has a good influence to the internal organs, bones and tendons.

The length of the course: 2 days


The 8 Brocades Chi Kung:

The legendary 8 Brocades known in many variations. Originally created by Yeuh Fei marshal for maintaining and improving the health and endurance of the soldiers. This movement helps the proper functionality of the meridians, strengthen the muscles around the kidneys, stimulate the kidneys and the other internal organs and uses almost all the main muscles of our body.

The length of the course: 2 days


The Lion Chi Kung:

The full name of the exercise is "The Lion plays with the ball". In the beginning of the exercise, we create a ball of energy with our mind and do the movements while "playing" with this ball.

This exercise:

  • warms up the joints and muscles
  • is an excellent stretching
  • helps the spine and waist problems
  • stimulates the kidneys
  • helps gynecological and potency problems
  • helps vascular problems

The length of the course: 2 days


Wu Chi Kung:

The Wu Chi Kung is simple easy to learn movement. It has regenerative and stress relieving and resting properties, but it's real "specialty" that it's helps the respiratory problems. In my experience  it help with the asthma too. It has positive effect on the joints and the vascular system.

 The length of the course: 2 days


Tree Chi Kung:

This exercise is excellent way to wake up at the mornings and it energizes the body. This Chi Kung brought to Hungary by Eric von Caulie. He learned it as a private student of the Senior lecturer of the Physical Education University of Peking in China. Thanks to this exercise if we practice it for 8-10 minutes after we wake up, we will be fresh and full of energy for the whole day. This Chi Kung exercise is only contains 6 movements so it's quite easy to learn and it's requiring very little space,  it can be practiced in a mere square meter.

 The length of the course: 2 days


Joint Chi Kung:

This Chi Kung is the perfect help for joint problems (particularly if the problem is on the limbs), but of course it's good for prevention too. It's makes the joints stronger and helps stretch and relax them. This exercise recommended for  every martial artist who wants to be faster and more relaxed.

 The length of the course: 2 days