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Summer Tai Chi training

The school organize training camps in every summer, not just for the experienced students, but for everyone who interested in Tai Chi Chuan that taught in our school. The camp usually takes place at Óbánya in the mountains of Mecsek in a beautiful natural environment, fresh mountain air, and it's a good place energetically too.

The teacher is always sifu Zoltán Tóth, helped by his instructor students, whom teach the beginners in small (three-four people) groups.

What you can learn there?

In our Tai Chi Chuan training camp you have the opportunity to learn the unarmed and the weapon forms and the "pushing and shoving hand" exercises.

Unarmed form:

Of course you can't learn the 37 step form in a week or two but the first part of it, taught for health preservation can be learned even by the old or the infirm, in this short period of time. It can be practiced as a different form and you can gain the benefits of the Tai Chi with it. If you want to deepen your knowledge of the Tai Chi, there are two three days long seminars taking place frequently all year around, and we organize other more "advanced" camps too, if there's enough  people interested.

"Pushing" and "Shoving" hands exercises

After learning the unarmed forms, one must master the Pushing and Shoving hands. Our school has many students who became National Champion or Hungarian Champion at the  championships where either Form and Push Hands can be found between the events. At the camp we teach the techniques of the Wu Tai Chi, like the 8 techniques of the Dalu, the movement exercise etc., to the students. 

Weapon forms:

At the trainig camp and the seminars the use of the next weapons are taught:


  • Tyien, the double edged straight sword
  • Dao, scimitar
  • Fan
  • Staff
  • Spear


The students have to bring their own equipment, we have only limited resources. You can get written or video materials of the different forms, so you can correct yourself when practicing alone afterwards.

For more information ask Zoltán Tóth at wang.hsiung@gmail.com or at the 06-20/9-357-462 phone number.