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               The effect of the paired practices

                      In the healing, health conservation and martial art


It is rarely known, expect the followers of Tai Chi Chuan, to perfectly acquisit the style, the stickyhanded and pushinghand practice must be learnt. You might easily think of theese practices - particularly of the pushing hand practices - that only important and useful for those who practise it as martial art, buti t is a mistake. Theese practices have its' important tasks. During both of the practices, the hip's and the arthros' intense loosing happens, while through the continous back and forth moving of the centre, the arthros will be strengthen in a greater extent. Since in theese parctices it is frequent that the partners just stand still, and only their hip, and torso moves, it extremely improves the sense of balance. Certainly, this happens during the stepping practices, because in that situation the crosssteps are often, which also fortify and regenerate the ankh, the knee and the hip arthros.


The stickyhanded practitioner help to the practising to learn to keep up continous contact with the partner, and in case of appropriate practising, learn during the psychical contact to appraise, sense the other's energy level. When we do this practice, we automatically become recipient and meanwhile we intent to maintain the tangential contact with our partner. If we connect theese things, our body will function as a transmitter-receiver machine and we only have to evaluate the received informations. This ability may useful for those who heal or simply occupied with people. Naturally it is useful for monks, as they learn to connect their energysystem to their enemies', and so getting into positional advantage, so they can easily put them into an „unfit-for-fight" condition.


The pushinghand practices also quite important, because the practitioner starts from a continous contact with a basic move, and they start an attack from this situation. During the practising the partners learn how to sink their centre quickly, and this is not only useful against a possible attack, but for example in winter on the icy, slippery road, or on a sudden turning bus, tram or on an other public transportation vehicle. Naturally I do not think of the take up of some kind of spectacular, deep position. Often a nearly unnoticeable centremoving is enough, combined with a centresinking, to regain our lost balance. The monks with the help of the practices, learn how to diverse and absorb the power of an attacking enemy, and take advantage of it. Who practice this systematically, inevitably her thoughts will focus on the handling of this situation, and she will handle the daily mental and verbal „attacks" in a similar way. From this she will automatically feel better, and those who badgering her will withdraw of this, because they do not see any sign of annoyance, humility, fear. To cut a long story short this practice provides help in the daily suitable treatment of workplace and other problems.