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The proper breathing


In the east, there are two different kind of method to differentiate breathing. The first method differentiate adominal breathing, thoracic breathing and combined breathing. Basically the usage of the combined breathing is expedient.

Fire and water element, or wisdom and emotion due to the breathing:

In our rushing world, when we experience more and more stress, and sit more and more in front of the desk, production line, or TV, perhaps in a car or bus, our organism automatically switches to thoracic breathing. This occurrence is maybe harmful however. And why? Well, if we separate our torso along a horizontal, imaginary line approximately at the breast-bone, we will get a line, below the water element reings, which is responsible for the wisdom, careful behaviour, thinking, and life. Above this line the fire element reigns, which is responsible for our feelings. If we fortify one of theese to the detriment of the other, the harmony will be come to an end, and according to which element is dominant, the proper mental and physical symptons will be appear.

If we prefer thoracic breathing, we will experience emotional eruptions, heart rhythm problems. For example One of our student complained, when he do Chí Kung, his heart beats godspeed. When I asked him to do abdominal breathing, his complain gone.

Often occur, that those who suffer from depression use thoracic respiration continously. I do not claim that these peoples can recover from their illness with the alteration of their breathing, buti it is a good beginning on the path of the recovery.

Rarely, but occur, that someone continously uses abdominal breathing. It is said that theese people are insensitive, selfish, dull. They have no dreams, they cannot be inspirated, and they cannot show their feelings.

As I said, the natural and correct is usually the combined breathing. in such a case, we draw in the air entirely into the stomach, paying attention to don't suck the air from the stomach, but from outside. We fill the lung's thoracic part too. When the inhalation has finished, exhalation, first from the chest and the from the stomach. This kind of breathing is better - beyond it's emotional effects - because we inhale much more fresh air and oxygen and we can exhale much more carbon-dioxid. (Itt a pont után is kisbetű van.) So we can load out our organism, and provide better with oxygen for blanced function. And one more thing, why is the proper breathing is important: Everybody experienced already, that the massage - let it be even only a prodding, self massage, or a complete partner massage - has positive effect on the muscular system and on the mood. Actually, all men should have take a full body massage in a fortnight. (A loosening massage with an eastern or western type may be good equally.) At least so important our organs' continuous massage, which we can provide with the correct breathing.


Normal and reverse breathing:

The other method of the differentiation of the breathing, that we examine, that the stomach is what kind of state at the inhalation and at the exhalation. Based on this we differentiate normal, or Buddhist breathing, and reverse, or Taoist breathing.


In case of normal breathing at the inhalation, the stomach rises (bulges). in adult age this is the wide-spread, and used breathing method. Actually the human organism switched to this kind of breathing, and it is not problem.


The reverse breathing in certain cases just as natural, than the normal breathing. For example after the infant's birth, she uses reverse breathing for app. a 4-6 hours duration and when she cries she often return to this kind of breathing. I must caution everybody against a „hey-presto!" switch to the reverse brathing, for example during practising Tai Chi, or Chí Kung. Because if her body is not ready, she will take a great damage in her energy circulation.