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Armed Education


The armed education is an organic part of the Tai Chi, so you can learn to use different weapons in our school. Naturally you have to start with learning the unarmed combat because that is the base  of the weapon forms and moves. The goal of the weapon forms that we could be able to stream the Chi - what we circulate in our body - through the weapon and use it as a body part. If we can do that, then in case of combat we will be able to stream our Chi across to our enemy body. We teach the use of the different weapons in seminars, training camps and through private study, and sometimes we have groups who learning the same weapon. We have fan group at Mátészalka and Győr for example.



The 32 step staff form we teach, although it's not part of the Tai Chi, makes a good base for learning the use of any long handled weapon like the spear for example.



We teach two spear form in our school. One is the form that created by Wu Ching Chuan who learned the south Wu system, the other is the form that taught by Wang Pei Sheng who learned the north Wu style. After learning the form the students can practice the "Sticky spear" exercise (How to keep the contact with your adversary). According to the masters of the Tai Chi the Tai Chi spear is the king of the weapons.



Dao (scimitar):

The Dao, was the weapon of the foot soldiers in the ancient Chine because it was the easiest to learn. It's not true for the Tai Chi scimitar, learning to use it requires quite a bit of time and effort, but if we made those than it can an excellent weapon in our hands. We teach two scimitar form in our school, one is the original 13 step form and the other is a rework of it taught by Wang Paishen master.


Tyien (two edged straight sword)

 You can learn the 56 step form of the Tyien first, but it's recommended that you learn the use of the scimitar first. Unlike the scimitar where we start the movements at our body, with the Tyien the moves start from the arm, they are more delicate and using more piercing while with the scimitar slashing is dominant.



Usually people can't think that the fan can be a weapon against anything but the heat. Of course it's true for the bamboo framed fans for everyday use, but there is a not so well known kind of fan. This kind of fan has two walls and is frame made from knife like steel plates, and if they are sharped you can slash and stab with it. Either the combat fan and the bamboo framed practice fan is specially made, you can't use a fan just because it's came from east.


How to get the weapons:

In these days you can find the different practice weapons in stores or on the Internet, at different prices and in different qualities. Unfortunately a high price don't mean quality in every case, you can find easily the same article in different shops with more than 100% difference in the price. We happy to help anyone who wants to get a weapon to acquire it in the required quality.