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The leader of our school Sifu Zoltán Tóth studying Tai Chi since 1991. First he learned and practiced Wu Tai Chi Tan Chi Kung what he got known thanks to Zolt Kis Chi Kung teacher and after a few years he learned the Peking 24 character form and the Yang style from Siu Lao Tang who's origin is partly Chinese and partly European. He wanted to learn the whole Tai Chi system, but unfortunately his teacher was able to teach only the combat part of the Tai Chi. Siu Lao Tang suggested that he should seek out Dr. Armen Tatevosjan who is a world widely recognized master of the Tai Chi and after becoming the student under him, he began to learn the 37 step form of the Wu styled Tai Chi Chuan and of course the whole system.


The 37 step form and system is created form the original 108 step Wu form. The founder of the Wu styled Tai Chi Chuan, Quan You, who was the guard captain of the family of the Emperor with Manchu heritage,  passed on his knowledge to his students, one of them was Wang Maozhai who taught Yang Yu-Ting. One of Yang Yu-ting students Wanf Pei Sheng created from the traditionally 108 step long form the 36+1 (closing) step form, by leaving out the repetitions, but making sure that every move is in the shorter form to, so thus preserving both the combat potential and the healing properties of the original.


Wang Pei Sheng became well known and respected because of his  knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan, versed in combat and abilities. From his many students Gau Xing Jang was the one who taken this particular Tai Chi style to the Burjat republic formerly part of the CCCP.


Gau Xing Jan was the master of more than one style, so his students also learned more than one system. He taught the whole 37 step Wu Tai Chi Chuan system and Chi Kung sets to four people plus everyone learned an other style. For example Vitalij Sorbiecev learned the Mizong Chuan the "Lost Clue" style, German Popov learned the Choy Gar the "Snake and the Rat" style,  Andres Serednjakov learned the Pa Kua Cuan (Ba Gua Chuan) the "Eight Trigram",while Dr. Armen Tatevosjan learned the Hsing-i Chuan from the master. After they finished their studies they began to teach each other to the style they learned individually under the supervision of their master. Thanks to this they not only learned many style of the Tai Chi from Gau Xing Yang but the teaching itself too, while their master corrected them when they taught each other.


After Dr. Armen Tatevosjan moved to Hungary he has begun to teach Wu Tai Chi and Choy Gar  kung-fu at Szekszárd, where sifu Zoltán Tóth visits him regularly for learning and practice, who as the leader of the school at Szeged teaches Wu Tai Chi and his instructor students are leading practices all over Hungary.


The list of the instructor students:


  • Attila Balogh (Hódmezővásárhely, Csongrád)
  • Krisztián Nagy (Kecskemét)
  • Zsolt Kovács (Békéscsaba, Gyula)
  • Gergely Fodor (Győr)
  • Gábor Bara and Árpád Maté (Nagyvárad - Romania)


The list of the instructor students is lengthening continuously as the students are reaching the level where they able to teach others, as well the number of the schools.


You can read more about our clubs and the teaching under the About Our Schools.