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sifu Zoltán Tóth



Sifu Zoltán Tóth - the leader of the school - is studying Tai Chi since 1991. First he learned and practiced the Wu Tai Chi Wai Tan Chi Kung, which he came to known thanks to Zolt Kiss Chi Kung teacher. After a few years he learned the Pekingese 24 step form and the Yang style from Siu Lao Tang who has both Chinese and European ancestry.
He wanted to learn the complete Tai Chi style but his master only taught the combat usage of it, so he asked Siu Lau Tang for advice. His master told him to seek the help Dr. Tatevosjan Armen who is an internationally recognized master of the Wu Tai Chi. Dr. Tatevosjan agreed to teach him and he began to learn the 37 step form and the complete style of the Wu Tai Chi Chuan. The following years he learned more forms from master Armen, and when he traveled to China he always practiced with the Tai Chi Masters of east, learning a great deal of these experiences.


Because the Wu style has it’s own healing practice which was developed by the Wu family (fusing the 8 base energy of the Tai Chi, the five element, acupressure and massage) he learned it too from his master, and now he is helping his patients – mainly suffering from joint problems – in his own consulting room.


After his work he leading the trainings of the Wu Tai Chi and Lo Man Kam Wing Chun groups in Szeged and holding numerous seminars and courses in his schools (see Education – Our Schools) and for others.


He is regularly working as a referee at the competitions organized by The Hungarian Kung Fu Fedaration and other national and international contests as an inner strength (Tai Chi, Hsing-I, Pa-Kua) judge.